Cervello Tres is a premier fine hobbies and lifestyle company.


We represent the Velocifero brand and are the exclusive distributors for Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.


Constantly challenging the status quo, Cervello Tres features unique and only premium products catered to hobbyists, big boy toys and games from an amazing line up of the worlds most reknowned manufacturers.


Cervello Tres is a fusion of Italian & Spanish meaning Three Minds. A name derived from the three company partners/friends who are driven to lead and disrupt the local and regional market for premium toys.


Moving into the final quarter of 2016 – We have exceeded our expectations for company development and growth, a remarkable achievement given a global economy characterized by macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty.

It is our single-minded vision that has driven this success, our overriding desire and purpose to provide premium products and experiences our customers. Through innovation and business excellence, we enthuse our customers with VELOCIFERO – a world-class product with technology that inspire and excite.

Making a dent in the universe

Since we began our journey in February 2016, branding and marketing has managed to establish Cervello Tres and Velocifero respectively around the world. Hashtag search reveals 97% exposure from Cervello
Tres branding with social media and website
interaction from SEA to APAC to Europe and
South America.

The e-revolution is here, and the future is electric. Our vision and goal is to lead the industry in electric vehicles designed and produced by Velocifero, and exclusively marketed by Cervello Tres.

The Future is Here. Within our 5 year plan and the support of the Malaysian government we will be able to achieve all targets set forth.

As a whole we will be able to achieve more

Time as a challenging factor
We are scaling the business at an extremely rapid pace with presence now in 5 different countries.
We are now refining our business model and scaling the business to position our brand and commercialize the business model expanding the distributions of our key product the M.A.D. Velocifero to these regions – Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia & Saudi Arabia.

Its an exciting time.

The e-revolution is here, and the future is electric.