CTX with Maahad Tahfiz Al Iman Walmahani

A group of 24 students from Maahad Tahfiz Al Iman Walmahani Jalan Kebun together with their teachers went to our Velocifero Offroad Track at Taman Botani Shah Alam on 2nd of December 2017. We’ve divided the kids into 4 members in a team and they were given 4 laps each. Despite the struggle on handling the throttle, obstacles, and corners, some of them were still trying to compete with their friends. At the end, the happy faces on them are what we are grateful of. The event started from 11AM and finished at 12.15pm. Special thanks to Mr Iskandar for choosing CTX Velocifero Offroad Track to be part of the activities for the children.

#CervelloTres #Velocifero #ElectricScooterMalaysia #ElectricScooter #OffroadTrack #CTX #TamanBotaniShahAlam #MaahadTahfizAlImanWalmahaniJalanKebun

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