A morning with Italjet Dragster Designer

Scooter enthusiasts certainly know Italjet Dragster, among the sensational scooters of the 1990s and early 2000s. Italjet is a famous scooter brand with a Ducati-like design, and in Europe, it is so popular that it sparked an extreme scooter modification component industry.

Recently, Careta was given a chance to sit with Alessandro Tartarini who visited Malaysia. Alessandro is the designer responsible for the Dragster design and several other Italjet models, and Italjet is the company that his father started. Alessandro is still active in designs this time, he may change a bit of focus - if it is to motorcycles and scooters, this time to electric vehicles. Having his own company, Alessandro is now popular around the world with electric scooters under the Velocifero brand, and of course, the Velocifero MAD model is also sold in Malaysia. Electric scooters often seem too short and far from interesting, but Alessandro uses his expertise and experience to create a sexy electric scooter.

According to him, electric vehicles are a definite future and as they replace the vehicle with a petrol engine, then its design should be related. "Because of this, Velocifero scooters have components that remind you of a regular scooter or motorcycle," Alessandro said when met at The Gardens, Kuala Lumpur. "The combination of materials such as wooden planks for standing platforms, iron and tires makes Velocifiro unique from others, and even some of the skateboard and surfboard elements I put in for a cool style," he added. Alessandro believes the use of wood actually injects a little "soul" into his vehicle design.

Velocifero Mad scooter uses lead-acid battery power from Chi Wee, a company in China. For lithium ion batteries, batteries are supplied by LG or Samsung. Alessandro also showed the design of a suspension system that provided Velocifiro's scooter with good handling and more comfortable. "It has two gas-absorbers in the back that are mounted on the side. The front uses a cantilever-style hanger system, it's comfortable and I just feel that it is also suitable for off-road circuits," he said. His company had previously planned to sell in 1,500 units a year, but good global demand enabled him to sell 1,500 units a month! Among the major markets of Velocifero are in Europe and Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia. Concerning the quality of the installation in China, Alessandro firmly said production location did not determine the quality of the product. "We have technical partners in China that take care of the quality of our products. Like other companies, China is our product installation center because of the more affordable cost and also because of their expertise," added Alessandro.

Alessandro's statement proved to be true because the iPhone itself was installed in China, along with thousands of electronic items installed in China because of its more cost effective. Velocifero scooter comes with several power ranges and the price varies according to the power level. It can be charged using a common socket at home and it is ideal for a short drive around the house. Complete with accessories such as bags and twin LED lights, Velocifero MAD is sold between RM3,890 and RM6,500. It is able to ride at 45 kmsj and has a distance of between 25 to 32 km before being charged. The time to charge is between 4 to 8 hours, depending on the size of the battery. The sole distributor of the brand in Malaysia is Cervello Tres, a company led by three young people

Cervello Tres focuses more on the premium hobby market for Velocifero MAD and is actively involved in introducing it all over the country and outside markets. It also has an offroad circuit at Velocita Park, SPK Light, Shah Alam, specially for electric scooter vehicles such as Velocifiro MAD. Cervello Tres also has the equipment and technical skills to maintain this scooter, although in fact it does not require any care. "We have an off-road circuit for the owner of Velocifero so that they can make joint activities apart from sharing ideas," said Azrul Helmy Hafiz Ab. Malek, Chief Executive Officer of Cervello Tres.

Article from: http://careta.my/node/21542

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