M.A.D. by Velocifero is ranked 9th in Malaysia Best Fuel Efficient Motorcycles

9) M.A.D. by Velocifero electric scooter (20-35km per charge)

The electric scooter created by the same person who designed the CMC Italjet 125 is actually an electric off-road scooter that’s envisioned as the ultimate fun riding experience but also a good and versatile commuter. This is actually a good alternative to travel short distances within the neighbourhood or nearby shops.

The basic version has a 500 watt 36 Volt brush motor while the top of the range model features a 1600 watt 48 Volt motor with generous torque and enviable performance, attributes that give it the power to tackle all types of terrain. A single 4-hour charge will get you a range between 20-35km, which is enough to travel to the nearby shops. The price for one of these fun electric scooter starts from RM3,980.

Source from: https://biketrader.com.my/news/2017/02/13/best-fuel-efficient-motorcycles-in-malaysia/

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